Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Creating shade, shadow and light

Stephen Fowler’s Wild Man
Stephen is an artist that I really aspire to - and luckily he is one of the tutors on the MA. We were so lucky to have him do a wild-man life drawing day at Uni. I don't know what happened that day at the workshop - but I had no inhibitions about my work and with pleasant results. I could not be more surprised. I used my japanese brush and ink and watercolour paper and just went for it. I realised the more I think the  less likely I am going to produce something worthwhile or of interest. Also I love having a short amount of time. The more time I have the less successful the piece is.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Collage or not to collage

I feel strongly about using photographic images. I think it stems from the work I did during my Degree. I love ethereal dark, mysterious and evocative images. I had been using my Holga camera, which I need to do more of. It is so very different to the apps and shortcuts that I can use with my phone. Also I feel like I am not cheating! Here is some work that I did for my Degree of Design in Dublin. It was a theatre programme for HAMLET. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

MA UAL CAMBERWELL - Reflective Journal

I am struggling to keep a reflective journal as a written document so I am moving to my Blog. This way I can write every day from wherever I am and I can add images (if I need to).
This blog has always been a bit thin on the ground with regards text so here goes!

Reflective Journal Entry: Confidence

A lot seems to have happened with my work - and I am very happy at the moment. I am finding some confidence that I have not felt in years! It is amazing what it can do working in a place that really wears you down psychologically and creatively. On a positive note - I really enjoyed writing my project proposal and it felt like a great way to articulate what it is that I need to do. Like a very detailed and abstract to do list. I also did a silly picture of myself as a sort of woman/bird hybrid. It did not take long but I used all my own images (which I like doing) except the black feather which I found online.