Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lady Gaga and The Tulip

An outfit idea for Gaga...

Harold lives in Hammersmith

Pretty Ending

I love this picture - and kept it at the very end of one of my notebooks... She is so pretty.

Say thank you to the bus driver..


I recently saw an anime film called the Grave of the Fireflies. Beautiful film but I don't think a film has left me so depressed in a long time..

I think I prefer Dragonflies..

The faces in walls

When riding on the top deck of buses in London - one of the joy's especially in town is seeing all the wonderful statues and faces on buildings. I try to photograph them but I can never move fast enough.

This illustration is based on a story about two statue heads, Lawrence and Sylvia, that were created by an artist in his studio a few hundred years ago. Once they were sculpted they became close friends and soon fell in love. However their love was short lived as they were to be given to two different clients. They tried sending messages via pigeons to one another but it was too difficult and the messages never made sense. Lawrence was then destroyed in the Blitz of WWII and Sylvia's beautiful face was weathered by acid rain.

Daddy and the mouse that lived in his beard...

I cannot tell you how long I believe that my father had a mouse living in his beard - too long. But how delicious to really believe that it lived there and any time I tried to catch it - it would get away speedily. It also rather liked the toast and marmite that got stuck in there on the odd occasion.

Another little lost robot

I cannot help myself - I love robots. I even received a rather special one for my birthday...